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Getting Started

Getting Started

FBAA Compliance Fundamentals Training.

The FBAA Training Centre is part of the Finance Brokers Association of Australia’s education programme. The FBAA has formed a strategic alliance with the AAMC Training Group  to be the education provider to the FBAA for its range of courses.

Our consultation with industry revealed that many new finance brokers require more support in understanding the risks associated with key areas such as privacy, fraud, ethics and conduct.

In recognising the importance of enhancing the education requirements of our new to industry brokers, we are now expecting them to complete the FBAA Compliance Fundamentals Training. This course will ensure the procurement of integral knowledge which effects all brokers including;

Australian Privacy Act, FBAA Code of Conduct, FBAA Anti-Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing
(AML/CTF), Credit Fraud Awareness and Banking Code of Practice: Financial Abuse Awareness Education.

Price: RRP $434.30 (members $198 inc GST)

CPD Hours: 8 hours

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit the AAMC Training site 

Australian Privacy Act

This module covers the 13 Australian Privacy Principles which set out the standards,

rights and obligations for the handling, holding, use, access and correction of personal and sensitive information.

FBAA Code of conduct

The Finance Brokers Association of Australia Limited (FBAA) Code of Practice is intended to promote good relations between FBAA Finance Broker members, their clients, credit providers and others involved in the finance industry. The code covers 10 principals and objectives to ensure that members provide good standards of practice that are imperative to act ethically and responsibly when dealing with clients.

FBAA Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CT F)

This course provides an overview of anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing. The “Anti-Money Laundering” section describes the legal obligations of financial institutions and other regulated entities to prevent or report money laundering activities. The Counter-Terrorism Financing section describes the legal obligations of financial institutions, other regulated entities and residents of Australia to prevent, report and interdict the financing of terrorists, terrorist organisations and terrorism events.

Credit Fraud Awareness

The cost of fraud in Australia can add up to millions of dollars, as well as negative press and enforcement actions. Therefore, it’s imperative to be more diligent and look for inconsistencies in credit application supporting documentation. This module covers key topics such as; the common fraud types, fraudulent non-disclosure, ways to manage fraud in your business, the impacts of fraud and ways to protect your company and yourself from fraud.

Banking Code of Practice Financial Abuse Awareness Education

This course provides information about the Banking Code, the key provisions that relate to mortgage brokers and guidance to help you better identify potential financial abuse.

Why is training compulsory?

It covers key areas to support new to industry broker member’s knowledge of what could potentially present major risks to their business.

FBAA Membership Terms & Conditions

New to industry members joining the FBAA from Monday 4th December 2018 must have completed the FBAA Compliance Fundamentals training.