The winner of the National Finance Brokers Day (NFBD) ‘So You Think You Can Broker’ online contest has chosen the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) to fulfil his membership needs.

Bernard Desmond is a private broker having made the transition from retail banking. He captured the voters’ attention with a passionate video submission detailing his broking aspirations.

“Through my banking experience, I have seen how much the FBAA is doing in looking after the interests of brokers and promoting the industry to the wider community.”

FBAA Executive Director Peter White congratulated Mr Desmond on his success and thanked him for joining Australia’s premier finance broking association.

“Bernard will be a major asset to the broking profession and you only have to spend a few minutes with him to realise his passion for making a difference to people’s financial outcomes,” said Mr White.

Mr Desmond believes private broking is the future and will take over the mortgage distribution space because customers now demand personal and detailed interaction when making such an important financial commitment.

“I work by the ‘CARE’ acronym with choice, advice, research and education being the pillars of what a good broker should aspire to.”

The 33-year-old also aims to be a mentor spreading the word to the younger generation about selecting finance broking as a rewarding career path.

“I want to inspire young brokers and share with them what I have done but more importantly what can be done,” he said.