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Please note: You will receive an automatically generated invoice for the full amount of the annual membership fee. Please do not pay this unless you are advised to do so by one of our membership team. Once they have ascertained the amount of free rebate you are entitled to, an amended invoice will be issued to you. You should receive this within the next couple of days.

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Terms & Conditions of the special offer

  • Applications for membership must be submitted via the online application form – https://www.fbaa.com.au/join-fbaa/online-application-form/
  • Applicants must submit a signed declaration with their application. A template will be provided for use.
  • Applicants must submit their current MFAA membership certificate in order to take advantage of this special offer.
    *Note that no other documents are required for the application with the exception of accounts required to be in a company name. In this instance, an ASIC company extract is required.
  • In order for the FBAA membership fee and application fee to be waived for the initial period only, the applicant must have more than 1 month remaining on their MFAA membership.
  • The free membership offer will be for the remaining period of your current MFAA membership but only where there is more than 1 month remaining on said membership.
  • At your first renewal of FBAA membership, and at each subsequent renewal, the standard membership fee will apply.
  • Membership fees are listed here – https://www.fbaa.com.au/join-fbaa/membership-options/.
  • At your first renewal of FBAA membership, and at each subsequent renewal, the standard renewal requirements will apply. Renewal requirements are listed here – https://www.fbaa.com.au/members/members-area/renew-my-membership/.