The broking industry’s leading professional member-based association continues to set new benchmarks with a record number of finance professionals attending the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) annual conference in late November.

The event at Sea World Resort had as its 2016 theme, ‘Bigger, Better and Stronger’ and the conference more than lived up to its title with nearly 1,000 brokers and finance professionals participating.

FBAA Executive Director Peter White said the turn-out greatly exceeded expectations with the FBAA annual conference clearly now the industry’s showcase event.

“It is hard to believe that when we held our first conference in 2012 there was limited support but in just four short years, to now have around 1,000 industry representatives attending is astonishing.

“The feedback, from our guest speakers to our extensive Exhibition Expo, has been exceptional and has set the standard in finance broking conferencing,” he said.

Attendees also heard from a senior spokesperson from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) who provided an update on the ongoing review into broking remunerations.

“To have Chris Green as a keynote speaker was extremely beneficial. He offered insights into the challenges currently facing the industry as ASIC continues its broker commissions probe.

“It was also heartening to hear ASIC acknowledge its solid relationship with the FBAA as we continue working together to provide the best outcome for brokers,” Mr White said.

The conference also heard details of a new strategic alliance between the FBAA and the Small Business Association of Australia (SBAA) which Mr White explained will bring numerous benefits to both associations.

“It was an ideal platform to make this exciting announcement about the partnership which will give the 250,000 plus SBAA members a deeper understanding of how brokers can assist in maximising their business potential.”

The conference concluded on a high note with the inaugural FBAA industry member awards which were held in conjunction with the Christmas in New York gala dinner extravaganza at Movie World, complete with snow and Santa’s arrival in style.