The Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) says it has always focused on working with regulators, MPs, media and the public to inform them of the benefits of using brokers, but has committed to doing even more in the wake of negative media articles in both Fairfax and News Ltd publications.

The FBAA’s Peter White said a recent opinion piece in the Herald Sun casting brokers in a negative light showed that there will always be misunderstanding within some sectors and that the industry cannot rest on its laurels.

He said the association has already reached out to the Herald Sun journalist and will continue to be a positive voice for the industry across all media platforms.

“It is clear that some columnists have an anti-broker agenda, but other journalists simply don’t understand our role and the advantages to the consumer of using the services of a finance broker.”

However he said it is pointless getting upset at every misinformed article that appears in the media.

“Our work to inform, educate and present the facts is ongoing and overall, it must be noted that the vast majority of public information about the broking sector is positive.”

Mr White pointed to the fact that brokers write over half of Australian mortgages, as proof that the public are smart and aware.

“While general awareness will always be a key priority of our members, clearly the industry has been successful in building public confidence. From the FBAA’s perspective, we will continue this momentum.”