The Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) – in keeping with their commitment to attract more young brokers into the industry – has launched free membership for students.

The new ‘Student Member’ category is an important part of the organisation’s wider career path initiative, which also includes the establishment of an industry based apprenticeship program. In June, the FBAA announced a strategic alliance with student organisation ‘Student Edge’, which will connect with over 600,000 students across the nation.

CEO Peter White said at the time that there was too much talk about the problem of attracting younger brokers from people and organisations that were doing nothing concrete to fix the problem.

“Throughout this time the FBAA has been quietly negotiating with both sides of politics, talking to student groups and doing everything possible to develop a path that will help young people choose this industry as a career choice,” he explained.

“We see this moment in time as one for embracing opportunities, working together and taking our industry out of the shadows.

“Too often, related fields in banking and accounting are considered good career options for students while finance broking is overlooked.”

Mr White said the new student membership will allow younger people to experience the industry, learn more and eventually become full time participants.

It is available to full and part time students, and while it does not provide voting rights, members will have access to training courses and workshops, networking opportunities with future employers, industry news and guidance.

“In itself, student membership is only part of the solution but I believe it is still a significant moment for the industry. We’ve been talking about the problems – now let’s promote our industry and look to the future.

“I encourage all of our members to widely promote this new membership category.”