The Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) has urged members to be more proactive in marketing their brokerages, providing them with tips to gain free publicity.

The advice, distributed through their regular e-magazine, encourages members to build relationships with their local media outlets and to use social media more strategically.

FBAA chief executive officer Peter White says many brokers are not necessarily good marketers.

“Running a successful business is different from being a good finance broker, and as an industry body, we want to help members prosper,” he said.

The ‘5 PR tips to promote your brokerage for free in 2014’ urged brokers to approach their local newspaper, radio or TV station with an offer to comment on relevant issues, and to look for a local angle on national stories.

“Your local media is always on the lookout for stories that are interesting,” the FBAA’s advice stated.

While encouraging members to be active on social media, it said that “with Twitter, size doesn’t matter”, making the point that, “It’s not how many you follow, but who you follow and why”.

The tips were written by the FBAA’s media consultant and principal of Mercer PR, Lyall Mercer, who explains that the new media world presents more opportunities for business owners.

“When a broker is viewed as an expert and provides information and advice that will benefit others, profile is built and business is generated,” he said.

“These tips can assist brokers to share their expertise and build their reputation and brand.”

The ‘5 PR tips to market your brokerage for free in 2014’ are:

  1. Build a relationship with your local media
  2. Monitor what FBAA is doing publicly and create a local angle
  3. Twitter – Be strategic and give followers news they won’t get from other sources
  4. Facebook – This is more consumer based, so give people a reason to share your posts
  5. Email newsletter – Don’t talk about yourself; talk about your clients

The full article including details of each tip can be found on page 17 at