The Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) wants to “transform your thinking” at this year’s Annual National Industry Conference, which will once again be held at Sea World on Queensland’s Gold Coast.
The association says the success of last year’s one day event means they will stick to this format, which combines a day of focused sessions with networking opportunities, trade displays and social and family time.
CEO Peter White said the event, to be held on November 14, will help brokers build their practices in real ways, with the “transform your thinking” theme relevant in an increasingly competitive and digital world.
“We want finance professionals to realise that they need to confront their fears, confront their challenges and think creatively, not just for themselves but for their businesses.
“The conference will teach people to overcome the fear of ‘what if’ and make it ‘I am going to do’ or I can be’.”
He said “thinking” was often the difference between success and mediocrity.
“How many personal loans are written without looking at a person’s long term wish for a home loan?
“How many Car Loans are written when it could be cheaper to refinance a mortgage, leaving a client with one debt instead of two?” he asked.
Mr White – himself a finance industry veteran – believes that brokers also can forget the potential income from complementary products.
The conference will again be free to FBAA members, while the gala dinner – a triple staged roving cocktail party “RIO style” – will be $250 with an early bird rate of $199.
Mr White said the conference was open to all finance professionals, not just members.
“We believe this is the ‘must do’ event of the year within our industry. It has world class speakers and will benefit every professional.”
“Their families will have a blast at Sea World too!”
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