The TFP Co-operative Limited (TFP Co-op) today announced a telecommunications agreement with MOVO Communications Pty Ltd (MOVO).  The agreement provides 16,000 finance industry stakeholders with access to MOVO’s Voice over IP and mobile telecommunication products and services.

TFP Co-op looks after the Finance Brokers Association of Australia Ltd’s (FBAA) value added products and services, and the FBAA’s President, Mr Peter White said “MOVO can bring to co-op members something very significant.  I understand MOVO’s products and how they function.  This is one of the most exciting ranges of products that will improve member productivity and reduce their telecommunication costs.

MOVO Managing Director, Mr Rohan Doyle, said “MOVO’s ‘cloud based’ VoIP services are an ideal fit for members of the TFP Co-op.   Finance professionals are always on the move and dependent on mobile communications and features that MOVO’s Virtual PBX and VoIP services offer.” Mr Doyle said that “MOVO will be releasing various product offers to TFP Co-op members over the coming months.

About TFP Co-operative Limited

TFP Co-op is a services platform to the finance brokers and associated industries.  With 16,000 stakeholders throughout Australia TFP Co-op provide products and services aimed to assist members business by way of reduced expenses.

About MOVO

MOVO is an Australian ‘Cloud’ based telephone company. MOVO deliver telephone calls to our customers over a Broadband Internet connection commonly known as Voice over IP or VoIP.

MOVO products also include Virtual PBX, Mobile services and dedicated Broadband services in conjunction with their VoIP and Virtual PBX products.