The Federal Minister for Employment and Government leader in the senate, Senator Eric Abetz, opened today’s annual conference of the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) by focusing on the economy, the carbon tax and the importance of the broking sector.

The conference, being held at Sea World on Queensland’s Gold Coast, was assured by Senator Abetz that the Federal Government wanted to work with “wealth facilitators like finance brokers to get the economy back on track”.

Linking the economy with the success of small business, he said that finance brokers have an important role to play and assured delegates that small business is a priority of the new government.

“The Government wants to make procedures more small business friendly. We want to listen more to small business.

“We will all benefit if the economy buzzes along.”

The senator said he was aware of the important role brokers played in facilitating wealth and committed the Government to play its part by reducing red tape and stimulating the housing sector.

“The first priority of the new parliament will be to repeal the carbon tax,” he declared, explaining that the carbon tax “adds $5000 to every new dwelling.”

Following Senator Abetz at the conference, FBAA chief executive officer Peter White said the association had a great record dealing with government and regulators.

“We are in a great position as an industry association, in that we have always had excellent relationships with ministers and regulators. This is important for our sector,” Mr White said.