Accredited Membership Full Requirements

Accredited Membership Requirements

Please read the requirements listed below. For your convenience, download this checklist.

  1. Payment of the membership fee ($465.00) plus application fee ($110.00) being $575.00.  Online application CLICK HERE. Approval in less than 60 seconds*
  2. Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking FNS40815 or the equivalent*.
  3. FBAA Compliance Fundamentals Training. Click here for details.
  4. National Police Check (must not be more than 2 months old).Order your Police Check
  5. Credit Report (must not be more than 1 month old). Order your Credit Report
  6. Current professional resume.
  7. Confirmation of Mentoring Letter completed by the Mentor. Only required if you have LESS THAN 2 years’ experience. Download the Mentoring Confirmation. *Note: the Mentor must have relevant industry experience as approved by FBAA. *The period of mentoring will be equivalent to 2 years of experience and will continue until the Mentor is satisfied that the individual has gained sufficient industry experience.
  8. Four professional referees. If you are unsure about this, please contact our membership department. *Please note that all referees are contacted by FBAA staff. As a courtesy, please advise your referees to expect a call.
  9. Drivers Licence, Medicare Card, Birth Certificate, Australian Passport.
  10. Current AFCA certificate.
  11. Current professional indemnity insurance (PI) Certificate of Currency.
  12. Australian Credit Licence (ACL) or Authorised Credit Representative Number (CRN). *Note: If you are not dealing in consumer lending and won’t be registered with ASIC, please provide a signed declaration of such. Please also list the type of business you are conducting.
  13. ASIC Extract – only required if the applicant is a company or if the AFCA certificate or PI policy is in a company name.

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Please Note:

  • All applications are assessed on an individual basis. You may be requested to provide additional documentation to support your application. We will discuss this with you if required. * If your qualification pre-dates the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (July 2010), you must provide evidence of continuous industry specific experience or complete the current qualification. Contact FBAA if you require further information.
  • Approval in less than 60 seconds* By submitting this originating or renewing membership application (both being individual defined as an “Application”), you agree and understand each of the following:
  1. The contents of the Application (including all uploaded documents) are true and correct.
  2. You will provide any further requested documents that has not already been uploaded or information within the required period specified.
  3. The FBAA may contact external parties (such as police services, ASIC, aggregators, lenders, other brokers, insurers or business development managers) to corroborate the contents of this Application.
  4. The cost of the Application consists of a membership fee and an administration fee. If the Application is declined, only the membership fee will be refunded.
  5. This Application includes information regarding other individuals (such as my referees and any referrers). The FBAA will collect this information in order to contact them for the purpose of considering your Application.  You have obtained the consent (and can provide such consent to the FBAA on request) of each of the individuals identified in this Application and understand that the FBAA is processing my application on the basis that you have these consents.
  6. Any membership provided is subject to you providing any further documents required and the outcome of FBAA auditing of application (which may include requests for further information). The FBAA is established for purposes including supporting, protecting and advancing the character, status and interests of the Finance Broking profession. In the event that you provide false, erroneous or misleading information, the directors of the FBAA may resolve that you are not suitable for membership because providing false, erroneous or misleading information is contrary to this purpose.  In this event, the FBAA may cancel your membership and will contact external parties to notify them that your membership has been cancelled.

Other Fees

  • Administration Fee (once off upon initial application and non-refundable) $110.00*
  • Reactivation Fee (for reinstating a lapsed membership) $110.00
  • Member Initiated Amendment Fee $110.00
  • FBAA Compliance Fundamentals Training $198.00 (Request coupon code)
  • AML/CTF Refresher Course (required every two years) $49.50 (Request coupon code)

All fees are GST inclusive

* The Administration Fee is non-refundable and is for processing your application, irrespective of the outcome. If your application for membership is declined, the membership fee (not the administration fee) will be fully refunded. A Member Initiated Fee will apply if the changes in an existing membership status results in a member refund. In all other cases, membership and other fees, are not refundable once paid.