Mental Health Awareness Ambassador for Industry

The FBAA is mental health awareness ambassador for Industry and we are committed to providing our members, their families, and industry in general, with suitable platforms and forums that allow for open discussion and education relating to mental health.

Did you know:

*  45% will suffer a mental health disorder

*  1 in 5 are suffering a mental health disorder now

Every 3 hours someone commits suicide from a mental health disorder

Depending on age, deaths around 3 times higher in males

* 1 in 4 Australians will experience depression

* Almost half the Australian population will experience a mental health concern

* 2 days sick leave per working Australian is attributable to untreated mental health issues (SANE Australia)


* 62% of people with depression don’t seek treatment or intervention (Lawyers Weekly)

* 25% of workers take time off each year for stress-related issues. (Charted Secretaries Australia Media Release 12 April 2012)

* 1 person with DEPRESSION will cost their organisation around $10,000 per year (Lawyers Weekly)

* Poor mental health is costing the economy more than $60 billion each year and $12 million in  lost working days

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The FBAA feels privileged to be able action the following in an appropriate and manageable manner:

Promoting good mental health through open discussion, awareness activities and events, and providing ongoing opportunities for individuals to share their thoughts.

*  Maintaining a culture that supports all FBAA stakeholders to better recognise and understand mental health issues within the industry.

*  Providing mental health services and experts the opportunity to share their thoughts, opinions and ideas with all FBAA stakeholders.

*  Providing all FBAA stakeholders with the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas in relation to mental health.

*  Supporting programs that promote acceptance of those with mental health challenges within our workforce.

Need to talk? Lifeline and Beyond Blue are here to help:

13 11 14

Assisted and supported by The Centre for Corporate Health & Resilia 

Since 1999 the Centre for Corporate Health has become an industry leader in the field of reducing workplace stress and building organisational resilience in order to improve bottom-line performance. The Centre for Corporate Health and Resilia specialise in reducing workplace stress, managing and treating psychological injury, improving leadership and managerial competency and building emotional resilience.


Disclaimer: The FBAA is not responsible for or has the expertise to offer groups or individuals advice in relation to their mental state or assistance that may be required.  Those with mental health challenges are to contact a mental health professional for advice, which may include the Centre for Corporate Health.

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