The Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) today announced that all State AGMs  as well as the National AGM have been completed,  and the following people are welcomed  to the respective roles in each State:

  Qld & NT State President   Stephen Rasmussen
  NSW & ACT State President   John Cooper
  Vic & Tas State President   Melanie Burns
  SA State President   Les Unferdorben
  WA State President   Eravanan Rao

Congratulations also go to the State Councillors in each State who have been elected for a two year term. The Association is also pleased to announce that Stan Millar has been elected as National Secretary and Peter White has been elected for another term of two years  as Chairman & National President for the FBAA.

Peter has completed 2 previous terms of (4 years  in these roles,  which will make him the longest serving member-elected National President in FBAA history. Peter White said “it’s a great honour to be able to serve our members and industry in this way and to continue to have the confidence and support of our members and  the Board to act in this capacity. I look forward to continuing to support our members and their needs and to continuing to place pressure on the banks to properly support finance brokers.  I also renew my commitment to continuing the ongoing work to get a better deal for consumers and brokers in the treatment of mortgage insurance, and to continue working with government and regulators for a better industry. It’s going to be a big couple of years. Moving forward into 2013 our State Presidents are focused and ready  to take an active role in their respective markets in supporting the members in their state, and continuing the work in growing our memberships as the industry partner of choice for finance professionals.

Members and non-members will be invited to a series of events being held in each State consisting of well-structured educational and networking events during 2013 which will build on the great work done through 2012, together with workshops and sessions with members to ensure their needs are being met.

Keep an eye on the FBAA’s website for details on upcoming events in your State.

The past years have shown continued membership increases and we see no reason this will slow down, in fact we are planning on it increasing as more and more professional finance brokers recognize the benefits of FBAA membership.