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FBAA Podcasts

FBAA Podcasts

The biggest topics and news shaping the
finance industry in Australia.
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Episode 37: FBAA upskilling series On demand finance
24th March 2022 - Fundtap

Episode 36: FBAA Q&A With Whitey
17th March 2022 - Philip Robison

Episode 35: FBAA Upskilling series Credit reporting
Credit Fix Solutions 2nd March 2022

Episode 34. FBAA Upskilling series How to own whole of wallet
25th February 2022 - LEND

Episode. 33 FBAA Upskilling Series Outsourcing 101 for Brokers 
22nd February 2022 - Affordable Staff

Q&A With Whitey
19th August 2021 - Bizflix

Episode 32 - Q&A with Whitey 
16th December 2021 - Ruan Burger, Founder of Success & Broker 

Q&A With Whitey
15th July 2021 - RBG Lawyers

Q&A With Whitey
17th June 2021 - Lendi
Q&A With Whitey
20th May 2021 - Accendo Financial
Q&A With Whitey
15th April 2021 - Shore Financial
Q&A With Whitey
18th March 2021 - SLA's and BID

Q&A With Whitey 
21st October 2021 - Kitty Parker, Specialist Buyer's Agent 
FBAA Upskilling Series 
9th November 2021 - Julianne McKnight & Gabrielle Moscati from ALI

Q&A with Whitey 
18th November 2021 -  Jill Berry from Adatree
FBAA Upskilling Series 
22nd November 2021 - Ian Cragg from Send