The Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) has been recognised for its leadership and standing in the financial sector by receiving an exclusive invitation to attend the Senate Economics References Committee Inquiry into consumer protection in the banking, insurance and financial sector.

The FBAA is the only group representing the lending sector to be invited to give input to the Inquiry.

“Being asked to attend the Inquiry is an important opportunity,” said executive director Peter White.

“It’s crucial, not just for brokers but also for consumers, that the Inquiry sets out appropriate guidelines to be followed in the future.

“Being there gives us the opportunity to offer advice and answer questions based on our combined decades of practical experience in the sector.”

Meantime, for the second straight year, the FBAA has received an invitation from the Treasury Department to enter the stakeholder budget lockup in May.

“This opportunity is limited to select groups and people, so we are very honoured to be invited again to participate.”

The FBAA executive director will be a guest for the seventh year in a row of senior senators at a dinner in the Great Hall of Parliament for the handing down of the federal budget by Treasurer Scott Morrison.

Mr White is also scheduled to have a series of meetings with ASIC in the coming month to discuss the home loan commission review and the Sedgwick Report.