CPD Guidelines

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Guidelines

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the means by which Finance/Mortgage Brokers fulfil their professional obligation to themselves, their clients and principal, the public and their professional colleagues. By undertaking continuing education, Finance/Mortgage Brokers can maintain and update the knowledge and skills needed for their tasks and responsibilities.

To enable Finance/Mortgage Brokers to meet their continuing professional development requirements, the Finance Brokers Association of Australia Limited (FBAA) has developed a comprehensive CPD policy.’ As an essential part of this CPD policy, FBAA undertakes accreditation of training courses designed and conducted by external providers, which meet FBAA’s guidelines for accreditation of training programs.

In setting these accreditation standards and requirements, FBAA aims to encourage consistent standards of education and training across all sectors of the finance /mortgage broking services industry.

Benefits of CPD Accreditation

There are advantages and benefits of gaining FBAA CPD accreditation, to both the training provider and the practitioner member.’ External training providers may use the FBAA Logo on their promotional literature.’

The practitioner member, by attending an FBAA accredited program, can be confident that the course content is of a high standard and structure and will assist in meeting the CPD requirements of the FBAA and ASIC.’ There will also be the certainty of the number of CPD hours allocated.

Program Criteria

In order for a training program to be accredited by FBAA, it must meet certain standards and requirements. CPD activities need to:

  • Clearly identified aims, objectives and structure.
  • Developed by qualified instructional designers and subject matter experts.
  • Well structured and follows a logical format that promotes adult learning principals.
  • Have content that is current and up-to-date.
  • Have content that contributes to the Finance/Mortgage Broker’s knowledge and skills.
  • Provide course participants with course materials, which include worked examples, participant activities, tips and warnings, and reference to legislative requirements that promotes action-based learning.
  • Provide Certificate of Completion/Attendance of the program to participants, which includes competency areas, addressed.

Accreditation Requirements

To enable FBAA to assess a training program and ascertain whether it meets FBAA’s accreditation criteria, the following need to be submitted:

  • A program with structured outline, agenda or timetable.’ This should contain the program title and duration of each session to be delivered.
  • A copy of the leader’s guide, course notes or presentation.
  • A copy of the participant materials.
  • A copy of the course evaluation.
  • Copies of formal assessments (if any).
  • An outline of the facilitator and/or course developers qualifications and experience in Finance/Mortgage Broking Services and/or Instructional Design.

Please email, mail or fax to:
CPD Officer
Finance Brokers Association of Australia Limited
PO Box 234, Stones Corner Qld 4120
Phone: (07) 3847 8119
Email: cpd@fbaa.com.au