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Become a Broker

Become a Broker

So, you are curious about becoming a broker.

What do finance and mortgage brokers do? How are brokers paid? What steps are involved in becoming a broker? Here we aim to answer your questions and set you on your way to becoming a broker.

Finance and Mortgage Brokers offer a strong value proposition, keeping banks competitive and ensuring Australian loan customers have a broad range of products available to them.

If you are considering joining the broking industry, you are doing so at an exciting time. Strong demand for property, vehicles, boats, business loans and other financing is driving industry growth.

In 2001, more than 16,900 people were employed in the financial broking sector in Australia. In 2021, this number had grown to 34,900 people and is expected to increase to 35,500 by 2025.

Brokers are a key distribution channel for loan products, and put the customer’s best interest first, always. The broking position is strong and research shows customers are highly satisfied with the broking channel.

As the premier advocacy association for finance and mortgage brokers in Australia, the FBAA, is here to help you on your journey to becoming a broker and beyond. Our purpose is to assist our members to develop as business professionals and become skilled and successful finance and mortgage brokers, by us providing advocacy, education and support services.

In this section of our website you will gain insight into what being a broker involves, and the steps to take to become a broker.

Ready to become a broker? Explore the information on this site, then get started.