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Become A Mentor

Become A Mentor

Challenge and support the next generation of brokers to succeed by becoming broker mentor with the FBAA.

How to apply to become a FBAA mentor


Step 1

Download and complete the application form 


Step 2

Email your completed form to with relevant documents.

Step 3

The mentoring program and content must be available via a digital platform. FBAA will require access to the platform for review of program and content.

Step 4

Provide written proof of your suitability to act as a mentor of the following:

  • The completed Accepted Mentor Program Application Form.
  • Copy of Mentor / Mentee Contract or Agreement
  • Four written references that support your experience as a mentor
  • Your current professional resume
  • Evidence of relevant professional membership/s.

Who is eligible to become a FBAA broker mentor?

To be endorsed as an FBAA Accepted Mentor, you must:

  1. Be a member of FBAA and be a current loan writer with at least four consecutive years of trouble-free lending/finance broking experience OR
  2. Be a professionally qualified educator in lending/credit and have worked in the lending sector for at least four years AND
  3. Provide written proof of your suitability to act as a mentor in-line with either Point 1 or Point 2 above:
    • The completed Accepted Mentor Program Application Form
    • A copy of your Mentoring Plan
    • Four written references that support your experience as a Mentor
    • Your current professional resume
    • Evidence of relevant professional membership/s

Expectations of a FBAA Accepted Mentor

  • Provide the mentoring program and content on a digital platform.
  • Provide the mentoring plan over the agreed period and in the specified way as established at the commencement of the mentoring period with the mentee.
  • Provide the mentee with a Mentee/Mentor contract or agreement and be transparent in communicating requirements, criteria expectations, all fees being charged as well as exit conditions should the mentee leave within the two-year period.
  • Adequately monitor the development of the mentee, ensuring that the mentee is achieving competence throughout the duration of the mentoring period, and when competence is achieved, that the Mentee is released from the mentoring arrangement.
  • Maintain appropriate professional boundaries with the mentee.
  • Notify FBAA if the Mentee (FBAA member) does not complete the required period of mentoring.

Mentoring plan criteria

As an FBAA Accepted Mentor, your mentoring program must include the elements necessary to ensure the mentee achieves the skills and knowledge to be a competent and responsible finance broker. Your mentoring plan must include, though is not limited to:

  1. A detailed training and coaching schedule
  2. Explains the frequency of contact and the type of contact such as, face-to-face or telephone
  3. Outlines all assessments including the schedule and method (the ‘when’ and ‘how’)
  4. Lists the requirements regarding the number and type of applications to be submitted
  5. Details the resources that the Mentee will be required to have to fully participate in the mentoring plan such as access to PC, internet, webcam etc
  6. Explains the reporting structure and expectations such as maintaining a logbook of all contact
  7. Provides detailed information regarding Mentor/Mentee Contract or Agreement including fee structure and exit structure.

    • Fees to include upfront, ongoing, commission splits and any other costs associated with the mentoring plan for the full duration of the plan.
    • Exit structure detailing conditions should the mentee leave within two-year period.

Terms and conditions

  1. All Accepted Mentors must be approved by the FBAA Board, subject to meeting the FBAA Accepted Mentor Program requirements and criteria.
  2. The Board reserves the right to refuse to endorse an individual as an Accepted Mentor without showing cause.
  3. An Accepted Mentor gives consent for their details to be disclosed on the FBAA website.
  4. Employees or representatives of, an organisation that runs a mentoring program, can apply to be endorsed as an Accepted Mentor under that organisation’s mentoring program. Where that individual employee or representative leaves said organisation, the individual must submit an alternative mentoring plan for assessment in-line with the Mentoring Plan Criteria. The individual will retain Accepted Mentor endorsement provided the alternative mentoring plan is deemed satisfactory per the criteria.