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MTI - Membership Transfer Initiative

MTI - Membership Transfer Initiative

In recognition of your professional industry status, qualifications and membership with either MFAA or CAFBA, you can now join the FBAA at no cost!

To transfer simply click on the button below to submit your application using our new FBAA Membership App.


 Note: If you have less than 1 month left on your other membership you will pay the normal FBAA annual membership, which may be less than what you have been paying.

Terms & Conditions

An application for membership must be submitted via our new Membership App:  An Applicant is required to provide the following information:

  • Copy of other Certificate which must be current. Please note that if your other membership is in a company name you will be required to provide a copy of your ‘Statement of Attainment’
  • Copy of two (2) forms of identification (1 being Australian Government issued: Driver’s License, Birth Certificate, Medicare, Passport)
  • Completion of Declaration Form (this is done in the online registration form)

*Note: - no other documents are required for the application except for memberships which are required to be in a company name. In this instance, an ASIC company extract is required.  Please email this to if applicable. For the FBAA membership fee to be waived for the initial period, the application must have more than 1 month remaining on their other membership.

The free membership period is for the remaining period of your current other membership but only where there is more than 1 month remaining on either Membership.

Upon your first renewal with us, in place of renewal documents, all we will need is an email, confirming you have the 4 below requirements and they are current:

  • Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance Certificate of Currency
  • External Dispute Resolution Certificate (AFCA)
  • AML/CTF Refresher training, completed within the last 12 months
  • Completion of 25 CPD within the last membership year.

 At the end of your other membership period and or the renewal of FBAA membership, the standard FBAA membership fee will apply.

 After your first renewal each subsequent renewal, will require the standard renewal documents.

 To complete your renewal:
  1. Make Payment and receive your certificate online by clicking here, FBAA Renewal, remember when being asked for documents, tick the boxes to provide within 10 days so you are able to bypass and hit submit at the end of the renewal process.
  2. Email your confirmation of the above to