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Aggregator and Broker Groups

Aggregator and Broker Groups

An aggregator is the most important business partner you, as a broker, will have.

Not only do aggregators pay you for each loan settled, but they should also provide you with access to lender panels, support you with business development and keep you on top of your legal and compliance requirements.

Finding the aggregation group that is a perfect fit requires some research.


How choosing the right aggregator partner can open doors.

This article edition contains the following articles:

The Keys to Success
We look at how an Aggregator can give brokers the keys to success. 

Safe and Secure
We reveal what brokers said they thought about the Aggregators.

Unlocking Broker Hearts
The top strengths of 14 Aggregators groups as rated by their brokers.

What Brokers say about their Aggregator Partner
We ask brokers how they choose their Aggregator of choice and what they like about it.

Satisfaction in Statistics
How does geography and age correlate with broker satisfaction and their Aggregator group? We take a look at what the statistics show us.


Stitching together the secrets behind aggregator satisfaction

This edition contains the following articles: 

Made to Measure
Outlining what brokers say are the key traits that they look for in an aggregator and what the barriers to switching groups are.

The Perfect Fit
What makes an Aggregator group attractive to a broker and what drives broker satisfaction?

Tied in Knots
What brokers said were the biggest barriers to changing Aggregation groups and why.

Feather in the Cap
The top 13 strengths of 13 Aggregator groups as rated by their brokers.


Your definitive guide to aggregation and broker groups

This edition contains the following articles:

Winds of Change
Review what has been happening at the Aggregator and Broker groups.

Navigating the Maze
What are the main differences on offer – we go back to basics to help you navigate the maze of Broker groups.

The Choices of the Elite
We take a look at who they aggregate with.

Making the Right Move
We take a look at what drive a Broker to switch and what brokers have to say about it.