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Time to renew with FBAA?

Time to renew with FBAA?

Continue reaping the benefits of your membership, with access to education, training and tools, the latest industry news and the reassurance the FBAA is representing your industry where and when it matters.

How to renew with FBAA

Don’t let your membership lapse. Avoid a reinstatement fee and renew with FBAA today. Have your membership number handy, then follow the simple steps in the online renewal application. In most cases approval will take just 60 seconds.

Renew Now!

To learn more about options, fees and requirements for FBAA memberships, go to our membership options page.

To learn more about options, fees and requirements for FBAA memberships, go to our membership options page.

Membership Options

*Terms and Conditions*

Please ensure you read the requirements for the membership you have selected to see if you qualify for your chosen category. Also it is important that you thoroughly read our Code of Conduct. If you are not sure which membership would suit you, please read the membership options for more details or phone our office during business hours on (07) 3847 8119.

Please note:

  • If your application is unable to be finalised online, a member from the FBAA will contact you. 
  • If you require a police and or credit check, please click here. You will need to re-apply for a new credit and or police check if your credit check is more than 1 month old, and or your police check is more than 2 months old.
  • Approval in less than 60 seconds* By submitting this originating or renewing membership application (both being individual defined as an “Application”), you agree and understand each of the following:
  1. The contents of the Application (including all uploaded documents) are true and correct.
  2. You will provide any further requested documents that has not already been uploaded or information within the required period specified.
  3. The FBAA may contact external parties (such as police services, ASIC, aggregators, lenders, other brokers, insurers or business development managers) to corroborate the contents of this Application.
  4. The cost of the Application consists of a membership fee and an administration fee. If the Application is declined, only the membership fee will be refunded.
  5. This Application includes information regarding other individuals (such as my referees and any referrers). The FBAA will collect this information in order to contact them for the purpose of considering your Application.  You have obtained the consent (and can provide such consent to the FBAA on request) of each of the individuals identified in this Application and understand that the FBAA is processing my application on the basis that you have these consents.
  6. Any membership provided is subject to you providing any further documents required and the outcome of FBAA auditing of application (which may include requests for further information). The FBAA is established for purposes including supporting, protecting and advancing the character, status and interests of the Finance Broking profession. In the event that you provide false, erroneous or misleading information, the directors of the FBAA may resolve that you are not suitable for membership because providing false, erroneous or misleading information is contrary to this purpose.  In this event, the FBAA may cancel your membership and will contact external parties to notify them that your membership has been cancelled.